Castles in America!

When I think of castles, I immediately think of Europe, especially Ireland and Scotland.  But who knew that America has castles all over the landscape, too!  Will at Storm the Castle has made a road-trip of America and visited all 48 states.  He loves everything having to do with castles and medieval times, thus, the name of his website – Storm the Castle.  Here is his picture of a castle in Kentucky.  For my IEW Medieval History-Based writing students, especially, wouldn’t this be fun to explore!


Will also has many free projects having to do with medieval times.  Here you will find free instructions for making a castle out of cardboard tubes and paper.  He also has links to many fine kits for making some famous and well-known castles. I like to encourage my writing students to do some art-based activities to supplement their papers.  It’s a fun activity and can also be part of a speech or presentation.

One more American castle, with some super interesting history! – Singer Castle, named after the 5th president of the Singer sewing machine company.  He was inspired to build this castle after being influenced by literature…yes, that’s right…literature.  He wanted to build the castle just like he read about in Sir Walter Scott’s novel, Woodstock; or Cavelier:  A Tale of the Year Sixteen Hundred and Fifty-One.

Have you visited any castles in America?