The Mystery of the Missing Boat

I have experienced many changes this year, from having to change my website address, the web host, and re-create my video lessons to a new format.  That is to be expected from time to time in this line of work, but life never seems to happen when it is convenient, does it?  In any case, it’s great to be writing and sharing with you.

I thought it would be most fitting to launch my new blog by sharing a book that one of my writing students has written.  I am so proud of her!  She truly has a gift for telling a story.  Here is her synopsis of it:

“Anika, a thirteen-year-old girl, was not pleased about her family moving to Maine. Making new friends, attending a new school, and leaving the only home she knew in New York, were all making her nervous. On a stormy afternoon, her dad disappeared while riding on his new boat. Little did Anika know that with the help of her new friend Mia, both girls would come up with a rescue plan and adventure on the ocean to try to solve this mystery. Would Anika and Mia crack the case?”

It can be found on Amazon.