Why Literary Analysis Should be a Part of your High School English Studies

The study of English includes both the study of literature and writing.  In the elementary grades, English includes reading, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing.  By the time a child is high school age, they should have a pretty firm grasp on grammar and spelling, but they continue to acquire new vocabulary, read more challenging texts, and to develop their writing skills.

At the high school level, it is important that students learn to write a variety of essays and to learn to write a research paper.  One of those types of essays is the literary analysis essay.  This is the type of writing that every college student encounters in their English 101 classes.  It doesn’t matter whether they are majoring in engineering, biology, computers, theater, or basket-weaving!  Everyone takes English 101.

Literary analysis requires a student to closely read and examine a story and to develop his own insights.  Next, students learn strategies for writing about a story or a poem and to express those insights.  So, although “literary analysis” per se, is not required on a high school transcript, it should be a part of a student’s high school English studies.

The Inspired Scholar offers a one-semester course in literary analysis (Windows to the World).  We recommend students take it after they have taken the one-semester course in essay writing (Writing Elegant Essays).  These two books are published by IEW and the course is taught by an IEW Certified teacher.  Both of these courses will be offered again, January 10th, 2019.